Requested database column does not exist


Nonexistent field used.

Possible causes:

  • A new field was added to the data source but the dataset has not been updated. To update the dataset, click Update fields.

  • When building a dataset from a ClickHouse® connection, an SQL subquery is used. If this is the case, set an alias for the selected fields.

    For example:

    SELECT DISTINCT  id as offer_id,  upper(proposed_meta)  FROM

    DataLens may incorrectly identify the upper(proposed_meta) field, so you need to set an alias for it:

    SELECT DISTINCT  id as offer_id,  upper(proposed_meta) as upper_proposed_meta  FROM
  • When building a dataset, the SQL subquery makes an implicit reference to the selected fields (SELECT * FROM). To avoid an error, explicitly list the required fields in the SELECT clause.

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