Analytics at any scale. Now open source

DataLens helps thousands of companies analyze and visualize data. Our open-source code guarantees your independence and means you too can play a part in pushing DataLens forward.

DataLens is...

A modern, scalable analytics system

Take advantage of our user-friendly interface and native integration with other Yandex open-source products.

A flexible BI service suitable for any infrastructure

Build your own solutions and contribute to the core product.

Yandex powered, community enhanced

Yandex Cloud team remains the driving force behind DataLens, but your contributions can help bring our product to the next level.

More than just data visualization

DataLens lets you access a variety of sources, describe data models, run analytical calculations, build charts and visualizations, compile dashboards, and share access to analytics with the rest of your company.

Who is open-source DataLens for?

BI community

Add your contribution and help chart the course of our open-source project.


Improve the core product by expanding the functionalities you need.


Build solutions for your customers on top of our open-source foundation.


Customize DataLens according to your requirements in any infrastructure.

Trusted by thousands

Yandex DataLens is a cloud service used by thousands of companies. Startups, small, medium and large enterprises have already built their own corporate analytics with our BI system.

Getting started

Deploy anywhere

Launch your DataLens instance on any infrastructure in just minutes. Explore the code and contribute to the development.

Quick start in the cloud

Yandex Cloud takes care of the hassle, and you get a reliable BI environment integrated with a data platform and supported by a professional team.

Got an idea for an integration project?

Tell us about it so that we can better understand what we can offer.