Creating a dataset

To create a dataset:

  1. Go to the DataLens home page.

  2. Click Create dataset.

  3. On the left side of the screen, click Add.

  4. Select a connection. If there are no connections in the list, create one.

  5. Select tables to use as the data source for the dataset and click Save in the top-right corner.


    • The maximum number of tables in a single dataset is 32.
    • The maximum number of fields in a single dataset is 1,200.
  6. Enter the dataset name and click Create. The dataset will appear in the list.

Replacing a table in a dataset

To replace a table in a dataset:

  1. Open the dataset and go to the Sources tab.

  2. Drag the new table to the workspace. When dragging a new table, hover it over the icon with circular arrows to the right of the table you are replacing for the icon background to turn blue, then release.


  3. In the top-right corner, click Save.


If the updated table retains the same set of fields with the same names, the field IDs in the dataset will not change. In this case, the charts created based on this dataset will not be disturbed. If the updated table's schema has changed, update the dataset fields.