Creating a YTsaurus CHYT connection

To create a YTsaurus CHYT connection:

  1. Go to the connections page.

  2. Click Create connection.

  3. Select YTsaurus CHYT as the connection type.

  4. Specify the connection parameters:

    • YTsaurus token: Manually set the OAuth token to use with YTsaurus. For more information, see the YTsaurus documentation.
    • Hostname: Specify the YTsaurus proxy server address.
    • Port: Specify the CHYT connection port.
    • Clique alias: Specify the alias of a running clique. By default, the *ch_public public clique is used.
    • Cache TTL in seconds: Specify the cache time-to-live or leave the default value. The recommended value is 300 seconds (5 minutes).
    • Raw SQL level: Select the SQL query access level for the user.
    • HTTPS: Enable the secure connection option if your server supports HTTPS.
  5. Click Create connection.

  6. Enter a name for the connection and click Create.


You can check the host connection before creating it. To do this, click Check connection.

Additional settings

You can limit data export from charts by enabling Disable data export under Advanced connection settings. With this option enabled, the export data button will be hidden in the charts based on this connection. However, you will still be able to copy chart data and take screenshots.