Adding a hierarchy


  • You cannot use hierarchies in Map, Indicator, and Pivot table charts.
  • You can only add one hierarchy to a chart.

To add a hierarchy:

  1. On the DataLens home page, click Create chart.

  2. Under Dataset, select a dataset for visualization. If you do not have a dataset, create one.

  3. Select any chart type except Map, Indicator, and Pivot table.

  4. To the left of the wizard interface, click and select Add hierarchy.

  5. Enter the hierarchy name, select dimensions, and arrange them as you see fit.

  6. In the bottom-right corner, click Save.

  7. Drag the created hierarchy to any available section. For example, for the Table chart type, you can use the Columns section.

  8. Drag other dimensions and measures to the appropriate sections.

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