Text markup functions

Markup functions are used for creating marked up text (hypertext) from string values and/or other marked up text.

Usage notes

There are the following features of using markup:

  1. These functions return NULL when any argument is NULL. To get a non-NULL value, wrap argumens in IFNULL(). Example: bold(ifnull([value], 'NULL')).
  2. Converting markup to a normal string is not currently possible.
  3. Markup functions can be used within logic functions. Example: IF(STARTSWITH([value], 'n'), BOLD([value]), MARKUP([value])).


Syntax:BOLD( text )

Stylizes the passed text in bold font.



Adds a line break.


Syntax:COLOR( text, color )

Enables specifying the color for the provided text.

We recommend using the color variables from the Gravity UI palette to specify colors. Such colors are easily discernible with both the light and dark theme.

You can also specify the color in any web format, such as HEX, keyword (e.g., green), RGB, etc. In this case, however, we cannot guarantee that the colors will be discernible.


Syntax:ITALIC( text )

Stylizes the passed text in cursive font.


Syntax:MARKUP( arg_1, arg_2, arg_3 [ , ... ] )

Merges marked up text pieces. Can also be used for converting strings to marked up text.


Syntax:SIZE( text, size )

Enables specifying the size (in pixels) for the provided text.


Syntax:URL( address, text )

Wraps text into a hyperlink to URL address. When you click on the link, the page opens in a new browser tab.