AT_DATE( measure, date_dimension, date_expr )
AT_DATE( measure, date_dimension, date_expr         [ BEFORE FILTER BY ... ]         [ IGNORE DIMENSIONS ... ]       )

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Re-evaluate measure for a date/time specified by date_expr. It allows to get the measure at the beginning and at the end of a period, or for the specified date.
The date_dimension argument is the dimension along which the offset is made.

You can use the following as the date_expr argument:

  • Certain date.
  • Function TODAY to obtain the current date.
  • Functions to calculate date and time.

See also AGO, LAG.

Argument types:

  • measureAny
  • date_dimensionDate | Datetime
  • date_exprDate | Datetime

Return type: Same type as (measure)


The first argument must be a measure (aggregated expression), otherwise an error will be raised.


AT_DATE(SUM([Sales]), [Order Date], #2019-01-01#)
AT_DATE(SUM([Sales]), [Order Date], TODAY())
AT_DATE(SUM([Sales]), [Order Date], DATETRUNC([Order Date], "month"))

Data source support

ClickHouse 21.8, Yandex Metrica, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (14.0), MySQL 5.7, Oracle Database 12c (12.1), PostgreSQL 9.3, YDB.