Widgets are dashboard elements. You can create links between selectors and chart widgets.

DataLens offers the following types of widgets:


Visualization as a table or chart.
You can place charts anywhere on a dashboard and change their size.
Charts can be linked to selectors.

For more information about charts, see Charts.


A filter that affects query results on its linked widgets. To add a selector to a dashboard, go to Adding a selector to a dashboard.
A selector can be linked to a chart or another selector.
For more information, see Link.

For more information about selectors, see Selectors.


A widget represented as text. It lets you place things like a set of links or explanatory captions on a dashboard. The Markdown markup language is supported.
For more information about Markdown, see Markdown.


A widget represented as a heading. It lets you differentiate charts by meaning and divide them into groups within a single dashboard page.

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