QL charts: Overview

To create such charts, one uses direct queries to the source. The query is run using the source database's SQL dialect, which helps expand visualization capabilities by using database-specific transactions.

Running a query does not create a separate dataset object: a chart is generated on the fly and displayed in the preview panel.

Unlike dataset-based charts, the logic of a visualization area in QL charts favors queries against the source, i.e., the visualization area only displays the data from the query.

QL charts:

  • Reduce database workload by using direct queries.
  • Are only suitable for SELECT queries.
  • Enable the use of JOIN, GROUP BY, and SORT BY queries and aggregate functions in SQL queries.
  • Enable the parameterization of any part of a SQL query.
  • Support a limited set of visualizations types.

To create a QL chart, follow this guide.

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